Upholstering a car interior is craftsmanship. We carefully cut out all the fabric and leather for you. By means of special sowing machines, our experienced interior upholsterers sow the valuable materials in the right shape for your seat or door. Every car interior is thereby provided with custom-made work of the highest quality.

Custom-made work


When it comes to upholstery, each car is delivered standardly. Would you like your own unique look? Then we will style your entire car interior for you. Think, for example, of an a-style, sport seats, a steering wheel or gear shift in the same upholstery. Did you know that there is no BPM or tax addition over the purchase of leather upholstery?



We are passionate about what we do. That passion also makes sure we love to think along with you about other wishes regarding your car interior. We could build in special seats for example, and offer advice when you want to give your car its own personality, or perhaps a business look. In this we are FOCWA certified and qualified.

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